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Super Green Smoothie

Super Green Smoothie Recipe

Kickstarting the day with a fresh Super Green smoothie. Try this simple & delicious green smoothie recipe. Just squeeze the juice of the lemon and make sure to peel & chop up the other ingredients nice and small.

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Grain Free Pancakes

Grain Free Pancakes Recipe

It’s another family pancake breakfast this morning and we’re enjoying them totally grain-free! Read to find out how you can make pancakes with absolutely no grains!

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Paleo Avocado Chocolate Fudgy Brownies

Paleo Avocado Chocolate Fudgy Brownies Recipe

Baking doesn’t need to mean lots of sugar & unhealthy ingredients. Using healthy fats like avocado, going grain free, using raw cacao instead of processed chocolate and only using natural sugars means you can enjoy delicious indulgent tasting foods without the guilt.⁠⁠

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Keto Chocolate Bark

Keto Chocolate Bark Recipe

Using 80% or higher dark chocolate means you can enjoy snacks like these every single day. There is no reason eating healthy should mean you don’t get to enjoy delicious treats. This recipe is keto, vegan, dairy free and gluten free.

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