I have always harboured a huge passion for causes that are very close to my heart. These include supporting animal conservation, planet conservation and children’s causes. But the children’s causes are the ones that I feel strongest about and where I have focused my support.


In 2009 I acted as an ambassador for Starlight, a charity for seriously and terminally ill children. Starlight help children and their families to escape the routine and reality of treatment through hospital play and distraction services, wish granting and their escapes programme .



Innocence in Danger UK

In 2002, I met Homayra Sellier, President of Innocence in danger, an international child welfare organisation that protects children from all forms of child exploitation. This meeting veered my life in a completely new direction and my innate passion for children and absolute connection with the cause led to me being asked to join their Honorary Committee. My dream from that moment on was to initiate Innocence in danger in the UK, which finally came to realise itself in 2009 when the opportunity arose and IID UK was born. From 2010 - 2012 I was then Chairman and Executive Director of the UK arm of Innocence in Danger,


Marie Collins Foundation

I became a Patron of the Marie Collins Foundation in 2012. The foundation enables children who suffer sexual abuse and exploitation via internet and mobile technologies to recover and live safe, fulfilling lives.



In 2013 I was the Executive Director of the NSPCC’s annual Art Ball.



The Trussell Trust

Through Ondine we are now supporting the Trussell Trust by donating 30% of all sales in aid of their amazing work. We believe that modern society shouldn’t have to undergo such poverty and the need of food banks in order to survive. No one should endure hunger. Through purchases of Ondine we are supporting those who need it most so vitally improving peoples lives.


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