I'm often asked to explain my artistic style in a few words, but I can't. Art is about freedom. You can't just do one style and one image and that's it. You must be open to explore different techniques, different styles of painting and different subjects. That freedom is what makes art transcend time and place, and allows people to connect on an emotional level.


The second question I'm frequently asked is to explain my inspiration. That's easy. Inspiration comes from the way I interpret the world and my artistic heroes like Frida Kahlo, Picasso and Matisse. Travel, especially early trips to Asia, inspired my cubist style, as depicted in exotic landscapes of Singapore and Malaysia.  I was in New York studying at the time of the attacks of 9/11. Several of the pictures you see below, including Iron Lady, symbolise this horrific event and my experience living through it.  


I studied at Kingston University and Chelsea School of Art in London, and Parsons School of Design in New York, but if you ask my family, I was born an artist. The best training, of course, is simply painting and letting creative inspiration take you to unknown places.


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